Webscape Worldwide Client Testimonials

“After being in the Network Marketing business for 26 years I can tell you that it is VERY difficult to get the right kind of software for the job you need. Why? Because so few programmers know how Network Marketing really works! Adam at Webscape does. I’ve been using Adam’s software since 1999. For 10 years now not only has his software been reliable, so has he and he continually updates his code and keeps coming out with programs that really fit the need of every Network Marketer! Get Anything that Adam is offering and you won’t be disappointed!” Robert Blackman, www.MLMMastermind.com

Webscape Worldwide is a great business partner and most of all very reliable. I highly recommend their products and services.

Karl Jackson – Powercallpowerline.com

It was almost a year ago that tragedy hit my Internet business and I learnt the most valuable lesson that any person doing business on the Internet could learn. I had been marketing online for many years and my email list and other tools were hosted with Aweber.com (a really good service), the only problem is that they (aweber) owned my list.

After several false spam complaints which where as a result of me not using double opt-in or double confirmations, Aweber without notifying me, closed my account. I had several backups which I had made, but they all tuned out to be corrupt, the result was that I was left without an email list, without a business, and without and email sending service.

After allot of begging with Aweber it dawned upon me that I had placed the most valuable asset in my business (the list) in someone else’s hands. This is when I started to look at hosting my own list and developing my own tools. I soon realized that scripts that did the same thing as Aweber and other subscription  tools cost and arm and a leg… that was until I came across Webscape Worldwide and Adam Lerner.

Webscape is one of the best Investments I have ever made.

At first the price made me skeptical, it seemed too cheap, but I took a risk and purchased FUMP from them after asking them several questions day via email for at least a week. Each time I asked a question Adam answered it with complete logic and professionalism, and this convinced me to give them a try.

Months later I am blown away by the simplicity and power of this script, I have built my email list back up to 22,000 and the replicator and back office my members use is working like a dream with very few problems. What’s more is that Adam continues to develop this script and always seems to bring out a new release (free of charge I might add) just at the right time.

Whenever I have placed a support request, he always comes back within a few hours and he has even taken the time to apply updates and patches for me you just don’t get service like this anymore.

Adam is really a great guy, a great business partner and most of all very reliable. I highly recommend his products and service.

Good Luck and Happy Marketing,

Lance Drossman

Adam, thanks for all your help, I could not have done it without the help from your company. I had been looking for years for how to network our domains and programs together for search engine relevance. Your software was defiantly the answer! We now have your software on MyGypsyBug.com and MySolarNetwork.com Each of our members can now create “reciprocal links” between domains to promote their accounts more efficiently in the search engines. This makes it more profitable for our marketing members, and my company. Networking our domains with City-Centers.com’s free host master program; then encouraging each and everyone one of our members to join their host master program, we have linked our systems to city information “adding city relevance” to each of our members own cities that the search engines look for and like to see.

This allows each of our member’s replicated website to appear in the search results, when people in their own communities are searching for local distributors.

YES our member’s replicated sites come up in Search Engines. . . Adam!

Thanks to your SOFTWARE and my optimization of our systems allowing reciprocal links, City Information, and additional ad fields allowing each of our members the ability to place an advertisement for many different companies, and other products in our replicated sites! 🙂

Most companies will never understand that one. . . Adam.
There is nothing better than a competitors link on your site to get you indexed above them in the search engines! Microsoft learned that trick years ago, and has makes billions each year with these tricks that still work today.

Without full and complete control, which your software allows me, in managing our systems we would have never stumbled upon such a simple way to use our unique marketing concept. As you know search engines do not like replicating websites, and it is difficult at best to get a replicated user account indexed by search engines, but being able to fully optimize your software for each of our users, by adding multiple domain networking (running multiple copies of your software). This has really opened up new horizons in internet marketing for my company! And I must add at a cost that blew me away!

I have been looking for years at replicating software, and have never found it at such a reasonable price! I can buy ten copies of your software for the price others charge for one… how can you sell this software at such a low cost installed?

Thanks Adam I will be back for another copy for another domain soon!

Best Regards,
Mark Genovese – MySolarNetwork.com

PS. Thanks for buying the City-Centers Portal! Your company now has a full page advertising portal in every city in the United States! Click the link and choose any State or City to see your Webscape Worldwide portal.

I have been using the Webscape Replicating software now three years and have found it to be one of the most user friendly systems out there in use today. I personally recommend it for anyone wanting a quick replicating system with multiple features. I am very pleased.

Ruben Santiago –http://mangosteen-juice.biz/

Adam, when you told me this would be easy to operate I said to myself “that’s what everyone says”. However, you were right. I was up and running in no time. It was a piece of cake.

Rosario Abate – CEO of Scriptures.cc

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Webscape Worldwide. The extra effort in service is unmatched and top notch. Adam and his great team of programmers know what they are doing, and do it well. They are the leaders in replicated websites and mlm software for a good reason. I would highly recommend Adam and his team of professionals to anyone who wants an enterprise and user friendly solution to explode your MLM recruiting. Outstanding Super Good!
Sherm Mason – http://thesecretpays.com

Thank you very much for the set up and the support you provided to my internet projects. I was surprised how simple and easy your system works and with my limited knowledge I was able to build and support a growing group of people with self replicating web pages. All my friends and business partners are thanking me for YOUR job. Well done Adam !

Alfred L. – http://www.eurogoteam.com

After several stops and starts we found ourselves with a well known company with lots of glitz, and glamour. What a nightmare! The system was difficult to work with, the proprietors hard to understand and customer service non-existent!

Thank goodness we found Adam Lerner and Webscape Worldwide. We now understand the meaning of customer service! He has been extremely helpful and patient and the system is a joy! It was an expensive lesson to learn, but maybe we just saved someone else a world of trouble! Thanks Adam,

Richard Lang – myvacationbuilder.com

I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend Adam and his software. We use the Webscape MLM software for in-house management and the Webscape Replicator for online management – interfaced together We used another software when we started our business four years ago, from a very well known vendor (AffiliateTrack from Corey Rudl’s Internet Marketing Center) and it was a nightmare both from a software bug perspective and especially from a customer service stance.

Adam’s software has been easy to use and bug free. We have had to train several customer service people over a period of time, and they have all been able to learn it very quickly. Most importantly however, Adam has provided the best customer service of any vendor we have ever worked with. We try to be respectful of Adam’s time, but he has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty for us when we have needed him to.

We have worked with Adam and his company since April 2000 almost 3 years – and Adam has been EXTREMELY conscientious – ready to help anytime there is a problem. As you probably know, when bugs occur they are most likely to do so on a Friday afternoon just when one is ready to leave the office 🙂 – and Adam has always been ready to make our needs a priority.

We do have in-house people to do our web design, etc, but the support manuals are very complete as far as detailing how to interface and of course there are always questions. Adam himself and his tech staff have taken time many, many times to help us untangle ourselves in the beginning, 🙂

Melissa Foster
My Simple System


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate the speed and quality of service you have given us at C.O.R.E. CLUB.


Bob Slater

The webscape replicator is a robust and yet simple to use system. It also made our business simple for everyone involved. Our many thanks to Adam and the webscape2000 team for all of their help and support.

Thankfully Yours,

Bill Bacellar and Dave Cook

I want to say THANK YOU for a job well done! We had a rather complicated system that needed a special touch and we were not at all sure whether what we required could even be done. Unbelievable, but the price did not even begin to reflect the work that went into building our system: This was a major “programming” challenge. Adam Lerner and his staff came through beautifully and we are more than pleased. I also wish to say that their support is one of a kind.


Annette Ommen
Anomaly Profiles

I came upon the Webscape Replicating system after doing an extensive search for a new replication script. The current one I was using was tedious to say the least. It required MANUAL replication, used separate directories for EACH set of pages (which used ENORMOUS disk space on my server)….and the biggie — if I made any changes, I had to manually re-replicate each site! Needless to say, I was in desperate need of a better, more automated script.

Not only did the Webscape replicating system provide automatic replication, the new unique dynamic/static feature, AND re-replicate with a click…..but they customized the script to how I wanted it. They kept instant contact with me as they created it and it was SUCH a time saver! Thanks to all at Webscape for the wonderful script and great job!

Warm Regards,

Diane Hughes
HNB Administration

Webscape is an absolute perfect fit for our online sales! I spent a month searching everywhere for piece-meal cgi scripts that could do the same job, and none of them can touch what your software does in a blink!

I especially like the way we conserve precious disk space on the server by creating custom webpages for our members dynamically-on the fly. Awesome! The best part for me is the add-on followup e-mail package. It’s an online marketers dream come true! Keep up the good work! You’re the BEST!

Dick Ervasti
Essential Oils Healthline

Customized programming above and beyond my expectations! Well worth the cost! Great tech support!

Ryan Smith

Dear Adam,

I would like to take this time to THANK YOU for setting up our self replicating site. We have had great success with the site and it has been very easy to use and runs great. You could look at our site if you would like to.

Judy LaMont

When we learned about the truth on replicator/MLM software programs for the MLM industry, we were astonished to find out that it is a big rip off. Some companies have paid over $20k for the replicator/MLM software programs Webscape offers at a quarter of the cost. To say the least, Webscape’s replicator has made it easier for us to work, and very cost effective. Best of all, the replicator program can be learned in a day. Making it very idiot proof.

Whileon Chay
The Global Gateway, Inc

Webscape Worldwide, a very good name, as far as names go, however it’s the company behind that name, along with its CEO, Adam Lerner, that will help you realize your e-commerce goals. Mr. Lerner is a joy to work with, loads of patience and very helpful.

Our company needed a very complicated system, one that we were not even sure was possible to create. But with Mr. Lerner’s expert knowledge and his programming staff’s expertise, we were able to have a program custom designed that would accomplish everything we set out to achieve.

I cannot say enough about how great our replicating system works and how pleased we are with the end results. Here is a company that still values the personal touch, Mr. Lerner takes the time to talk to his clients and is more than willing to offer help whenever needed. One a scale of 1-10, I give Webscape Worldwide a 100…

Joyce Ayers

Webscape Worldwide has changed they way that I do business on the Internet. I tried everything that is available on the Internet to promote my business. Banner exchanges, direct mail, classifieds, newsgroups, etc. and nothing compares to the results that I have had since I decided to use Webscape Worldwide’s site replicator. Now my customers get instant web sites of their own instantly.

Duplicating my site for my customers has proven to be the greatest advertising asset that my business has. Webscape Worldwide provides everything that you need to start duplicating your site. When you do business with Webscape Worldwide you will receive the utmost in customer satisfaction and the technical support is wonderful. You are not left in the dark as with other programs on the Internet.

Bottom line, if you are looking to promote your site on the Internet it is time to leave the old ways of advertising behind and step into the greatest form of advertising available on the Internet. It is with great pleasure and thanks that I highly recommend Webscape Worldwide. Get your web site on track with Webscape Worldwide.


Chris Brown
CB Promotions, Inc.

Webscape Worldwide has provided my company with outstanding customer service plus a replicator that can’t be matched. I’m really pleased with the professional website they designed for me. I had over 5,000 hits my first month after adding the replicator! Thanks for helping me build a successful company on the Internet!”

Charles D.
RC Business

When I first approached Webscape 2000 for an estimate on a 2-tier replicator, it came in a little bit higher than another estimate I had. So I decided to go with the ‘cheaper’ one. Boy was I sorry! 6 weeks later my site was not even 1/2 complete, what was done didn’t work, and I was about ready to pull my hair out!

I ended up never getting my program up and running with the ‘cheaper’ company, and to date have still not received my deposit back.

I hired Webscape 2000 and my site was up and running within 2 weeks! A few weeks later when I had them install our credit-card processor, that was complete within 2 days!

This replicator is easy to use, our site is easy to maintain, and it is worth every penny plus more! When occasional minor problems do arise, the Webscape 2000 team immediately addresses them — within minutes usually!

We definitely give Webscape 2000 a 5-Star rating! If you are in business, you’ll want to do business with them!

Mary Lakos
RAM Computers

We hired Webscape Worldwide to design our website and they did a great job. We are getting business from the site and are totally pleased with the personal one on one service that was given to us. Their support is truly unbeatable. I’ve never known of an internet company that you can actually reach by phone and speak to your own project manager if you need to. We are very happy with our website and we think that you will be very pleased with their services if you hire them! We highly recommend Webscape Worldwide
for all your internet needs.


Joe Barilla
PJ Entertainment

The Webscape 2000 Replicator is an incredible piece of technology that really works! I found Adam Lerner – the owner – to be highly skilled, fair, easy to work with, honest, straight-forward, very competent & flexible. It was a great experience to deal with someone with a professional can do attitude. I highly recommend Adam Lerner to anyone who needs web site development or need of a replicating web site.

Barry Powell
Director, Destiny Technologies
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To Whom it May Concern:
After putting together an extensive Support Site for our marketing group, we needed a company that could help us incorporate -and- implement self-replicating web sites for our individual sales associates. We were not only impressed with the quality of the programming provided for our project [in the form of replicating customization], but were equally impressed with their on-going help and professionalism. I would highly recommend Webscape International for any of your company’s programming needs.

Keith Schell
World Plus Marketing Group